Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On the Road Again: Parenting in Hotels, at Vendor Events

Once upon a time (last year), I started a business with Phil (hi, Phil! *waves frantically*). Many moons later (last month), we got some stuff and took it to the kingdom of Omaha. The King of Omaha (yo, Charlie! of Next Millenium) held a grand festival (Mystic Fest) every year, during which he invited Phil and myself, as well as many others, to present our stuff in a semi-organized fashion.

Yup, me and Phil went to Omaha to do a show. We got 2 1/2 tables this year. Ok, it was 3 tables, but we gave 1/2 a table to PAN. Woot!!

Ok, so, we traveled all the way out there with a 5 mo (we left the 4 yo at home with grama, cuz we are CRAZY not STUPID!) and got to our hotel. EPIC KUDOS to my dad, who made reservations for me. We were literally on the other side of a parking lot from where we were doing the show. LITERALLY. *happy dances across the parking lot*

Now, I get to spend much of my time with my daughter with my shirt off or otherwise exposing portions of my breastesses. The "downside" of breastfeeding. I say "downside" in quotes, cuz most non-prudish, straight-ish males can't figure out the downside of exposed breastesses.

So, I spent two full days at the event, juggling the baby back and forth between me, daddy, Phil and our Fae-helper, as well as Fay (of Crone's Creations, aka Wytch Way Wear) and her helper/friend person. Oh, and half the vendors at the show.


During set-up, we found that a bottle of money-oil spilled into the plastic baggie (yay for ziplock bags), so we greased up our hands periodically. Then we rubbed the oil on the baby's butt and called her the Money-baby.

Trust me, it was cute.

I have to say, a baby in a hotel is always easier than a toddler or pre-schooler. I've seen so many people worried about taking the baby on trips. Trust me, at that age, they are sooooo easy to travel with.

Oh, you want to know how we did? Well, check out the pic... Do we LOOK happy?

Cute BABY PIC!!!

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