Sunday, November 6, 2011

Belief and Eclecticism: Oxymoron? No, neither an ox nor a moron

Wheel of the Year = Pagan Holy Days
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"But then there are the eclectics, and this is where I get confused. Do eclectics practice in such diverse and idiosyncratic ways because it fits their beliefs? Or, and yes I know this is a touchy idea, does a lack of consistency in practice perhaps denote a lack of belief?"

As an extremely eclectic Pagan, I can answer most assuredly: Maybe.

The truth is, I cannot answer for all eclectic Pagans. I can only answer for myself, and by extension my family.

I don't do ceremony. Unless I want to. I don't use ritual tools or cast circles. Unless I want to.

Paganism should be a family affair
Why? Because I believe that ceremony is a psychological tool to help people "get their spiritual groove on." If you want to do ceremony, great! If you need ceremony, fine! If you just wrestle your mind into place, think a thought or say a word, I'm right there doing that with you.

But I think of this as more of the way my brain works (I'm never entirely "in" normal reality, so I don't really have to "leave" it to do my spiritual work), rather than a skill set.

And thoughts become reality... this is seen in most spiritual beliefs as well as quantum physics. So, yes, it is because of my beliefs.
Making magic during the holidays

As for Joe Schmoe Eclectic Pagan over there? I dunno.

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