Friday, August 5, 2011

Glory Days

I was thinking about being in high school the other day. Just meandering through nostalgia-ville while on my front porch, where I escape from the children and indulge in my outdoors addiction (smoking).

I thought about the way we approached life back in the day. I thought about responsibilities and the ability to be carefree (and job-free!). I thought about hanging out and going swimming, biking through town, getting ice creams and sodas, eating until we were about to puke.

In between this, I thought about my current, adult schedule, and whether we would be able to find time to take the bug fishing. Could we get the lawn mowed this week, cuz we skipped it last week... Would the back room ever be organized? What about vacations, which we never take cuz we have too many little things to take time off for?

Would I like to go back to the days of no responsibility? Of having no more obstacles in life than the word of my parents? Wait... What?

Did I forget about that? Just for a minute, did I go all Alzheimer's and miss the fact that with great freedom comes great responsibility? Did I misplace the knowledge that I have to work for MY home, MY car, MY time off, MY children, MY choices?

Why, yes; yes, I did. But I'm better now.

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