Monday, August 8, 2011

Mercury Retch: Flying Backwards May Induce Nausea

He races in reverse; like un-drag...
A week ago, Mercury went retrograde. I should have gone back to bed then.

The problem with Mercury retrograde is that it is the time when you are supposed to take a break from moving forward and solidify your position, assess your direction, and reinvigorate your energy levels. You aren't supposed to begin new projects, sign contracts or initiate new contacts.

Not THAT Mercury...
The problem with Mercury retrograde is that there is no job in the modern economy that allows its employees to "take a break," to slow down, to *gasp* reassess the purpose of your work.

Made to be a warning,
not a guidebook.
Gods forbid we stop for a minute to check our collective direction. Maybe then the financial industry wouldn't have screwed up so badly BETTING on the housing bubble. Perhaps we wouldn't have had to spend my retirement funds bailing out CEOs who might have otherwise gotten fired for being STUPID. It's even possible that my children would not be in danger of losing all hope of going to college so that we could make sure that big companies that screw us up one side and down the other can use loopholes and tax breaks to boost their profits (which they do NOT trickle down).

Maybe someone would have said, hey, wait a minute, this isn't right. Maybe someone would have remembered the golden rule, or how their mother taught them to play nice with others. Maybe someone would have realized that, if they had the chance to take a minute, they would have to face their conscience during that minute and that they couldn't treat their fellow Americans with such disrespect.

Maybe we should stop fighting Mercury when he decides to run backwards like Kindergarteners at recess. It might be just what we need.

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