Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seven is Enough: A Full House doesn't give you Poker Face!

Yeah, the title is a Lady Gaga reference. And just to be clear, the main part of Gaga is GAG!

I look so cute, but I'm trouble with
a captial G-I-Z-M-O.
We have four boys tonight. Either we are taking in strays or my son is a mogwai and reproduced himself while in the bath.

Actually, we have my nephew and two other boys tonight and tomorrow. It makes for an interesting time, that's for sure. I'm not entirely convinced they will sleep tonight. They have had two injuries so far from jumping on each others' heads.

They are currently arguing over something, but I don't know or care what about. We only worry about the loud crashes and angst-y crying.

Earlier, I got three kids, myself and Stormie fed in less than an hour... Woot! I also managed to get the kitchen relatively cleaned up and the laundry changed. Stormie took the boys outside and got them to pull weeds in the garden.

The moon's phase tonight.
With all five (FIVE!) kids in bed, Stormie is snoozing on the couch and I'm watching a movie while catching up on my computer stuff. I ignore the sounds of boys being boys and consider going outside to look at the moon.

I will be up until midnight, again, and then passed out before 12:30, trying to get some quality sleep before the morning rush. But I will still take some time to ignore the desire to be a perfect mother and instead be the perfectly happy me.

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